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Do you want to hire a professional for a roof inspection to make sure your property is safe from potential damage and ensure its structural integrity? Welcome to Outdoor Makeover Roof & Exteriors, best service provider for roof replacement in Atlanta. This is a separate division of Outdoor Makeover Roof & Exteriors which handles all the roofing & exterior needs. From roof installation to roof inspection, there is no job too big or too small for us to handle. We take pleasure in providing superior services of roof inspection in Atlanta that assure your home’s safety and durability. With years of expertise, our roofing contractors are committed to offering homes in the Atlanta region with dependable and comprehensive roof inspections.

A thorough roof inspection is required to figure out earlier problems that become expensive repairs or replacements. One of our expert Atlanta roofing contractors will thoroughly inspect every element of your roof, from the shingles and flashing to the gutters and ventilation systems. We can discover even the slightest flaws using modern inspection procedures and technology, guaranteeing that nothing goes overlooked. We believe in transparency and integrity. When you hire us as your Atlanta roofing inspection contractor, you can be confident that you’re in good hands.


  • 1. Code requirements: Is your roof up to current building code requirements? GA building code requires drip edge and properly sheathed decking.
  • 2. Roof Penetrations: Any pipe of vent that comes through the roof poses a potential for water intrusion. Over time these items dry rot and present an opportunity for water and insects to enter the home.
  • 3. Hail damage: Occasionally GA experiences a brief hail storm. These events cause bruising to the matting of the shingle. Jeopardizing the integrity of the product leaving your home vulnerable.
  • 4. Wind damage: Just because your roof is not missing shingles does not mean your roof has not sustained wind damage. Before a shingle breaks and flies off of your roof the seal is broken and the shingle flaps up and down causing a crease or a hinge point. When it comes to your homeowners insurance a crease or hinge point is the same thing as the shingle missing.
  • 5. Installation defects: In today’s world houses are built at incredible speed. Although convenient some parts of the construction process can be missed or corners cut to save money. One of the most common installation errors we see in the field has to do with the nailing. Nails are either over driven, under driven or not in the nail strip area of the shingle. This not only will lead to nail pops and slippage but also voids the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 6. Manufacturer’s defects: Just like any mass produced product occasionally errors are missed by the manufacturer. This could be anything from color variations to granular issues.
  • 7. Signs of water intrusion: While on the roof we look for soft spots in the decking, in the attic we look for staining or discoloration of decking and other framing.
  • 8. Interior Inspection: Inside the home we look for staining or discoloration on ceilings and exterior walls
  • 9. Flashing: Depending on the style and complexity of your roof you will have several types of flashing. Valley flashing, Step flashing, Wall flashing, Chimney flashing we check it all.
  • 10. Transitions: Some roofs will have transitions, a transition is a sudden change in slope or material on the roof. Although beautiful, these can be weak points on your roof.
  • 11. Wood rot: Do you have sections of your home such as a dormer that touches your roof? These areas are prone to rot and are considered a maintenance item.
  • 12. Rodent and Pest intrusion: Squirrels, bats, bees and mice often chew threw wood at the roof line to gain access into your attic.
  • 13. Gutter: A gutter that is clogged or insufficient in size can lead to expensive repairs.
  • 14. VentilationIs your roof efficiently ventilated? Improper ventilation can lead to costly electric bills and premature deterioration of your roof.
  • 15. Chimney caps: Over time, chimney caps become warped and the seal used breaks down leaving an opening for water and critters to enter your home.
  • 16. Sky Lights: If you have sky lights it is important to make sure there is no debris blocking the rain channels, we also check the flashing and seals.
  • 17. Power vents: Do you have a power vent? Is it operational?
  • 18. Ridgevents: If your roof is equipped with ridge vents, we need to ensure they are sealed and covered properly.
  • 19. Box vents: If your roof is equipped with box vents, we check to make sure they are properly installed and sealed. Some box vents are made of plastic, over time the plastic will deteriorate leaving cracks of holes.
  • 20. Algae and moss: If your roof has dark streaks and discoloration your roof has a bacteria identified as Gloeocapsa Magma growing on it. This is very common in our state, This bacteria rapidly deteriorates the roofing material. If you see green fuzz on your roof you have moss. Moss roots into the shingle causing significant damage. Not to worry, both of these can be safely removed without causing damage.
  • 21. External sources of damage: We look for sources not attached to the home that can cause issues. Low tree branches that make contact with the roof are very common and cause premature wear to your roof.


Get expert assistance for managing insurance claims in Atlanta with Outdoor Makeover Roof & Exteriors. Count on us for professional guidance throughout the entire claim process, ensuring you receive top-notch support from beginning to end.

If you’re a homeowner in Atlanta, GA, seeking a trustworthy roof inspector near me in Atlanta with skilled roofing contractors, it’s likely your property has been affected by storm damage. Every year, a considerable number of roof replacements are necessitated by harsh weather conditions, particularly hail and wind damage. The good news is that many homeowners’ insurance policies encompass the expenses for these replacements.

To effectively serve our community, being a reputable roofing firm requires us to have a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of the insurance claims procedure. To simplify matters, you may wish to engage in a conversation with one of our roofing representatives who can explain the insurance claim process in straightforward terms.

Navigating the complexities of insurance providers can be daunting, especially when dealing with roof damage. Our process helps to simplify this for you. Here’s what you can expect:

Outdoor makeover: Roofing-Inspection-Services-Initial-Roof-Inspection

Initial Roof Inspection

Arrange a roof inspection appointment with our Professional Roofing Contractors in Atlanta. They will assess your roof’s condition and provide expert insights.

Outdoor makeover: Roofing-Inspection-Services-Initial-Filing-The-Claim

Filing the Claim

If storm damage is identified, we will take the initiative to file a claim with your insurance provider on your behalf, ensuring timely Roof Restoration Services in Atlanta.

Outdoor makeover: Roofing-Inspection-Services-Initial-Assistance-With-Adjuster

Assistance with Adjuster

Expect a call from an insurance adjuster to schedule a roof inspection. We’ll be present to represent your interests and communicate with the adjuster.

Outdoor makeover: Roofing-Inspection-Services-Initial-Damage-Documentation

Damage Documentation

The adjuster will furnish you with a report outlining the covered damages. Our team will meticulously review this documentation to ensure all issues are addressed.

Outdoor makeover: Roofing-Inspection-Services-Initial-Repair-Logistics-Discussion

Repair Logistics Discussion

Once your roof is cleared for repairs, we’ll discuss timelines for completion and present various roofing solutions for your consideration.

Outdoor makeover: Roofing-Inspection-Services-Initial-Final-Check-Approval

Insurance Check Approval

Your insurance provider will send two checks. The first, along with your deductible and any additional improvement costs, is to be handed over to Outdoor Makeover Roof & Exteriors, LLC.

Outdoor makeover: Roofing-Inspection-Services--Initial-Paperwork-Management

Paperwork Management

Upon completion of the work, we’ll provide all necessary documentation to the insurance provider for their final payment processing.

Outdoor makeover: Roofing-Inspection-Services-Initial-Insurance-Check-Approval

Final Check Approval

Upon notifying the insurance provider of job completion, they will issue a second check. Once again, this transaction will be managed by Outdoor Makeover Roof & Exteriors, LLC.

At Outdoor Makeover Roof & Exteriors, our team of claims professionals is ready to assist you whether you’re new to insurance claims, have received a settlement, or seek guidance on pursuing a claim. Contact us now, and within 24 hours, an experienced agent familiar with the claims process will be at your service.

With extensive experience in roof restoration due to storm damage, we’re recognized experts in managing roof insurance claims in Atlanta and its surrounding areas in Georgia. When you’re partnered with us, you can rest assured that a trustworthy company is advocating for your interests throughout the insurance claim journey.


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