Common Commercial Roofing Problems Need Immediate Attention

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Like residential roofing, commercial roofing is prone to developing various problems over time. Many of these roofing concerns can be costly, depending on their severity and the extent of the commercial roof damage. Depending on the type of business roof you placed, you may anticipate your investment to last between 10 and 40 years.That is plenty of time for many property owners to address other management issues. That is, until an emergency occurs.

As the owner of a business building, you want to preserve all aspects of your property in top condition for as long as possible by avoiding several problems. Fortunately, many of the issues and challenges associated with commercial roofing systems are preventable, or, at the very least, easy to detect before they escalate into a systems are preventable, or, at the very least, easy to detect before they escalate into a more significant problem that requires more money, time, and effort to rectify.

Outdoor Makeover Roofing: Commercial roof Replacement

Common Causes of Commercial Roofing Issues:

Roofing issues can be caused by several circumstances, including:

  • Harsh weather conditions such as heat, sun, rain, and wind.
  • Low-quality roofing materials cause warping or shrinking.
  • Faulty installation by unreliable contractors or businesses.
  • Insufficient roof upkeep.
  • Improper repairs with the wrong material.

Here are Some Common Commercial Roofing Problems and their solutions:


Leaks are one of the most typical problems with commercial roofing. They can occur for various reasons, but the most common is roof membrane degradation. Other causes of leaks include faulty installation, wear and tear, and harsh weather conditions.

If your commercial roof develops a leak, it should be fixed quickly. Depending on the magnitude and severity of the leak, repairs range from patching to complete roof membrane replacement. For roof membrane replacement, you must consult a Commercial roofing contractor in Atlanta.

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Drainage Issues and Standing Water

Many commercial roofs are flat, which makes them more susceptible to drainage and standing water problems. While flat and low-slope roofs include drainage systems that remove water and avoid standing water, this does not guarantee they are water and moisture-resistant. For example, debris might accumulate and impede drainage routes. Meanwhile, pests may create nests or cause harm to drainage systems.

Standing water can destroy roofing materials in the same way that foot movement does. Water is one of the most harmful elements, and once it enters your roof, it may cause many difficulties. Blocked drainage and pools of water can cause water to penetrate pinholes in your roofing materials, resulting in mold and mildew growth, leaks, and blisters. This might result in costly repairs and the need for an early roof replacement.

If you notice standing water on your commercial roof or are having issues with your drainage system, contact our skilled roofers to schedule an inspection for Atlanta Roofing Repair. They will also give you a Roofing replacement cost estimation.

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Blow-off and Tenting

Certain business roofs, particularly single-ply structures, are prone to tenting and blowing off. If the roof material does not attach to the substrate, the wind might cause the roof to billow or blow off. This occurs when the moving wind exerts suction pressure on the surface of your roof. In such cases, you must look for immediate professional attention.

Thermal Stock Damage:

Thermal shock damage occurs when extreme temperature changes force roofing materials like asphalt tiles or metal panels to expand and shrink. This expansion and contraction can cause cracks, blisters, and other damage, weakening the integrity of your roof. To prevent thermal shock damage to your workplace roofing system, inspect it regularly for symptoms of trouble. In addition, use a protective coating or insulation to help regulate temperatures on your roof and limit the risk of thermal shock damage.

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Poor installation.

Correct installation is critical to assuring the endurance and durability of commercial roofing. A poorly built roof can cause a variety of problems, including leaks, early degradation, and structural damage to your building. To avoid problems caused by poor installation, hire a skilled contractor. An experienced contractor will have the skills and knowledge to ensure your roof is properly fitted and meets industry standards.

Lack of Maintenance:

Business owners ensure that all pieces, including the roof, function together to keep everything going. Roof maintenance is essential for ensuring that your roof functions correctly.

Proper maintenance can extend the life of a commercial roof by decades. That being said, regular inspections are essential for maintaining things in good shape. If something goes wrong or breaks on your commercial building’s roof, extensive repairs or a complete roof replacement will be required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are commercial roofs so expensive?

Due to their size and design intricacies, commercial roofs require more time and effort to install than residential roofs. Multiple layers of insulation, waterproofing membranes, drainage systems, and occasionally rooftop equipment installation are all part of the process.

How much does it cost to replace a commercial roof per sf?

The cost of commercial roof replacement may vary. Professionals say it can cost between $3.25 and $30 per square foot. Contact us for roofing estimates!

What materials are often utilized on commercial roofs?

Common materials include EPDM rubber, TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), metal, and modified bitumen.

How long do commercial roofs normally last?

The lifespan varies according to the material and upkeep, although it typically spans from 15 to 40 years.

What symptoms indicate that a commercial roof requires repair or replacement?

Leaks, obvious damage to roofing materials, water stains on ceilings, higher energy bills, and aging roof membranes are all warning signs.

Do commercial roofs require routine maintenance?

Yes, frequent inspections and maintenance are critical for extending the roof’s life and avoiding costly repairs.

What are the benefits of applying a reflective roof coating to a commercial building?

Reflective coatings can minimize energy expenses by reflecting sunlight, protecting the roof from UV damage, and improving inside comfort.

How do I identify a reliable commercial roofing contractor?

Look for contractors with commercial roofing experience, verify their licenses and insurance, request references, and ensure they provide guarantees on their work.

How should I prepare my business roof for extreme weather?

To avoid ponding water, inspect and replace roof flashing, secure loose objects, and consider adding wind-resistant roofing materials.

What are the benefits of selecting a roofing contractor specializing in green roofing solutions?

Green roofing solutions can improve energy efficiency, reduce stormwater runoff, improve air quality, and help achieve sustainability goals, benefiting both the environment and building owners.

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