Things You Should Know About Roof Inspections for Insurance

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You will likely require a roof inspection if a storm has damaged your roof or you are obtaining a new homeowner’s insurance policy. A roof inspection may not seem like a big deal, but trust me when I say it can make all the difference regarding your insurance coverage.

So, why would your insurance company request a roof inspection? What’s involved in it? Most importantly, will it genuinely help your roof? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. We have over years of expertise in the roofing business and have inspected many roofs for insurance purposes. We’ve compiled this helpful list of five things you should know regarding roof inspection for insurance since you may have questions

Outdoor Makeover Roofing: Roofing Inspection

What a Roof Inspection is?

Let’s discuss the specifics of a roof inspection before getting into the reasons why you need one for your insurance claim. A roof inspection is an extensive examination of your entire roof by a roofing professional for indications of deterioration, damage, and general condition. It’s an important step in making sure your roof lasts long.

The contractor examining your roof will check several components, such as:

  • The materials you used for your roof
  • Decking for ventilation, flashing gutters, caulking, and supporting framework
  • Valleys and Seams
  • Skylights/chimneys, old shingles

The contractor will also check for leaks, mold, rust, and other elements. Establishing a regular inspection schedule is crucial to maintaining your roof because these problems could negatively influence your insurance claim. At Outdoor Makeover Roof and Exteriors — #1 Atlanta Roofing Company — we offer a 21-point roof inspection to examine minor to major issues early to keep your roof in top shape.

Are Roof Inspections and Certifications the Same Thing?

The phrase “roof certification” may familiarize you with insurance coverage for older properties. However, what is the precise meaning of a roof certification, and how is it different from an inspection? Although a roof certification and a roof inspection are not the same thing, a roof certification does require an inspection by a certified roofing specialist.

Certification evaluates your roof’s general state and estimates its remaining lifespan, whereas an inspection finds any present roofing issues. Before granting coverage for your roofing claim, insurance companies may ask to see a roof certification to evaluate risk and responsibility.

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Why do Insurance Companies Request Roof Inspections?

Insurance firms cross their fingers that a significant hurricane won’t hit the coast between June 1 and November 30 each year. Adjusters are responsible for determining the roof’s true value and depreciation value when one does occur.

Upon examining sure roofs, the adjuster invariably finds that if the homeowner had maintained the roof, some damage may have been avoided. This is where the payout issue starts.

Outdoor Makeover Roofing: Roof Inspection

The insurer may ask for a required roof check to see if the roof is still insurable to avoid paying more for damage to the roof than is necessary. Numerous problems or occurrences could lead to an inspection:

  • The roof’s age (typically greater than 20 years)
  • A suspicion that the roof has not been maintained or fixed by you
  • Replacement of the roof (notably if the roofing materials were altered)
  • A clause in your policy for homeowner’s insurance
  • Purchasing new homeowner’s insurance for a historic home
  • Thus, the main goal of a roof inspection is to stop avoidable roof damage brought on by carelessness, shoddy roofing, or building code infractions.

What occurs if my roof inspection fails and my claim is rejected?

The conditions of your claim will determine whether you can challenge the denial of your insurance claim. There might be little you can do to overturn the insurance company’s decision if the adjuster can demonstrate that you neglected the roof or that part of the damage was already there. You can do a few things to win the claim, though, if you think the insurance company erred.

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First, compile documentation attesting to your roof’s maintenance since you moved into the home. The roofing contractor you engaged for the project may also provide proof of planned roof repair and maintenance. Second, seek a second assessment. Engage a roofing contractor to evaluate the damage and conduct a roof inspection. A roofing expert’s confirmation could persuade the insurance provider to reconsider their judgment or reopen your claim. If everything else fails, you should talk about your legal alternatives with an attorney.

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Outdoor Makeover Roof and Exteriors provides a 21-point complimentary roof inspection for Atlanta homeowners. We are your go-to source for professional support in handling insurance claims for roofs in Atlanta. We can guide you through every step of the claim process, ensuring you receive expert assistance from start to finish. We know the “ins and outs” of the insurance claims procedure. When we are on your side, you can relax knowing that a reputable business seeks your interests during the insurance claim procedure.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are the primary factors homeowners should consider when scheduling a roof inspection for insurance purposes?

Atlanta homeowners should prioritize scheduling roof inspections before and after the peak seasons for severe weather, such as summer storms and winter freezes. Additionally, inspections following significant weather events are crucial to assess potential damage promptly.

What specific types of damage are insurance inspectors in Atlanta likely to focus on during a roof inspection?

Insurance inspectors in Atlanta typically identify common forms of damage, including missing or damaged shingles, leaks, weakened flashing, and signs of structural deterioration caused by weather or aging.

How frequently should we have our roofs inspected to maintain insurance coverage?

Atlanta homeowners should have their roofs inspected at least once a year. However, after severe weather events like storms or hurricanes, immediate inspections are recommended to assess potential damage.

What preventive measures can Atlanta homeowners take to minimize the risk of roof damage and maintain insurance eligibility?

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning gutters, trimming overhanging tree branches, and conducting visual inspections for signs of wear and tear, can help Atlanta homeowners mitigate the risk of roof damage. Additionally, timely repairs of minor issues can prevent them from escalating into more significant, more costly problems.

How does the age of a roof impact insurance coverage and inspection requirements?

The age of a roof can influence insurance coverage and inspection requirements in Atlanta. Older roofs may be subject to more stringent inspection criteria due to increased susceptibility to wear and tear. Some insurance policies may have limitations or exclusions for roofs over a certain age, while others may offer discounts for newer or recently replaced roofs.

What are the consequences for Atlanta homeowners if their roofs fail to meet insurance inspection standards?

If a roof fails to meet insurance inspection standards in Atlanta, homeowners may face increased premiums, coverage limitations, or even policy cancellations. Addressing any identified issues promptly can help maintain insurance eligibility and avoid costly consequences.

What documentation should Atlanta homeowners prepare for a roof inspection conducted by their insurance provider?

Atlanta homeowners should prepare relevant documentation, including proof of previous repairs or maintenance, roof replacement or upgrade records, and any applicable insurance policy information. Comprehensive documentation can streamline inspection and ensure an accurate roof condition assessment.

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